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Some of the greatest doctrines in the Bible. (You may be surprised.)

Titus Chapter Two

If you were to hear a preacher mention biblical doctrine what would you think of? Maybe you would think of the doctrine of salvation, the doctrine of the grace of God, the doctrine of eternal security. While these are all true biblical doctrines these are not the doctrines that Paul wanted Titus to teach to his church. Many times bible doctrine is more practical than we realize.

In this chapter four groups of people will be mentioned. As these four groups are mentioned Paul will give them some good advice on how they should conduct their lives. These practical doctrines are as important as is the doctrine of the grace of God. The problem is that we don’t enjoy hearing these things because they might ruffle our feathers.

Older Men

Titus was a younger man; therefore it would have been easy for him to neglect the older men in the church. Paul wants him to spend some time teaching these older men how their lives should be led. He begins by telling them that they should be “sober”. To be sober means to be serious or self controlled. It may seem funny but these older men had probable retired from physical labor and therefore they had more time on their hands to get into trouble. Therefore they had to be warned to exercise some self control.

Next they were told to be “grave.” To be grave means to be dignified. Those of us who have small children will often remind our kids to be respectful to their elders. Let me say with all due respect, that an elder should conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of respect. It is hard to respect someone who does not conduct themselves in a dignified manner.

These older men were to be sound in their lives and in their faith. They were to be sound in love, faith, and patience Paul says. They should know what they believed, and why they believed it. They should have convictions about the word of God. It is sad to see a 70 year old baby in the church. Some people get older, but they do not grow up. A godly saint will be an encouragement to the younger members of the church. Be someone that others can look up to.

Older Women

Now I know that I’m going to lose some of you right here. Before you click this blog away please hear what the Bible says. Don’t take my word for it. Get your Bible down and read it for yourself.

The word “likewise” in verse 3 seems to mean that the older women were to have the same qualities as the older men. They were to behave themselves in a manner that displayed holiness. Beyond that they were told not to be “gossipers.” I am convinced that one of the biggest sins in the church today is the sin of gossip. Over and over the bible warns against the sin of gossip.

They are not to be “drunkards.” This seems to be pretty obvious. I don’t think there is a lot of explanation needed for this one.

Paul not only tells them what they should not be, but also what they should be. These older women were to be teachers. They were to teach the younger women to be “keepers at home”. This is more than just teaching the younger women how to keep up the house, it means to instill in the heart of the younger women the right spiritual attitude toward their home.

The greatest responsibility that God gives to a woman is her home. The younger women needed to learn to love their husband, love their children and how to have a successful marriage. This may not sit well with some but the bible is clear that the woman’s first responsibility is her home. It is serious business to take care of your children and your home. There is an old saying which says “A man’s work is from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.”

If God has given you children and a home then the most important business in the world is taking care of them. This is your ministry, and it is a gift from God. I’m not saying that woman is to be a prisoner in her own home. The bible is saying a woman should be able to manage her home. A husband who can trust his wife to care for the home is blessed.

Let me further point out that while it is the wife’s job to manage the home, it is the husband’s job to lead the home. This may be a big pill to swallow but the husband is to be respected by his wife and children as the leader of the home. Verse 5 tells us that the woman is to be “obedient to their own husbands.”

The idea of being obedient means to “respond” to her own husband. I wonder how many men misuse this verse. They will say something like this “the bible says that you need to mind me better.” Sir that is not what the bible says. The bible says that she is to respond to you. When was the last time you told your wife that you love her? Just as the natural man responds to the love of God, so does the wife respond to the love of her husband. A home that has little trouble with love will have little trouble with obedience.

Young Men

While it is the responsibility of the older men to set a good example it is up to the young men to live up to the example set before them. One day these young men will be the ones setting the example, so it is important to live up to the godly standard set before them.

We teach others by the pattern of the lives we live. If a pastor wants his church to be something, he must be that something first. If you want your children, grandchildren, to be something then you must be that something first. These godly men had set an example now the young men were to fashion their lives after them.


Paul spends a good deal of time in the New Testament speaking to this particular group. The reason he does this is because there were a lot of slaves in the church. Paul warns them not to forsake their responsibilities to their master. Here are three rules they should follow.
  • They should be obedient. They should try to please their masters.
  • They were not to talk back. They were not to gripe about their master to others. This gives a poor testimony
  • They were not to steal. The word “purloining” means to steal. This goes without saying, but you should not steal from your work. Paul tells them to show “good fidelity” which means to be faithful.

These are very practical doctrines, but they are very important doctrines. Please don’t overlook the practical doctrines of the bible. These practical doctrines will have more of an impact on your church and your community than any other doctrines in the bible.

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