Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Amazing Love

I woke up this morning with two thoughts on my mind. One I was thinking about my wife and how I couldn’t wait to spend Valentine’s Day with her. Secondly I was thinking about the love that God has shown to me over the years. With this on my mind I told my wife Happy Valentine’s day and began to pray while getting ready for work.

There are a lot of things that I will never be able to understand, but God’s love is at the top of that list. I’m not saying that I can’t understand why God loves people, although that’s tough to grasp. What specifically astounds me is that God would love ME! You see, I know me and that is what makes this love so amazing.

I may not understand God’s love for me but I’m sure glad that He does. God loved me so much that He was willing to give up the most precious thing to Him, His Son, in order to have fellowship with me. God loved me so much that He came looking for me. I was a fourteen year old kid, minding my own business and God came looking for me. That is such an amazing love. What is even more amazing is that He continues to love me. Don’t forget that I know me. I know the stupid stuff I do, say and think. Yet God still continues to love me. That’s pretty amazing.

What did I do, or am I currently doing to deserve this love? Nothing! God just loves me. But because Jesus loves me it makes me want to love others. Because He loved me it makes me want to be the best Christian I can be. Just like the fact that my wife loves me makes me want to be the best husband I can be.

If you have never experienced the love of God then you are really missing out. God’s love is so wonderful and it is open to all who will accept it. God loves you just the way you are.

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