Monday, December 10, 2012

The Book No One Talks About

The Song of Solomon

I would like for you to notice that this book is in reality a song. This however is not just any song; this is the “Song of Songs.” According to 1 Kings 4:32, Solomon wrote 3,000 proverbs and 1,005 songs. We are not given a record of most of Solomon’s songs, but we are given this one.

If I was to ask you what the greatest song ever written was, what would you answer? Maybe “Amazing Grace?” According to this verse the greatest song is Solomon’s song.

Let me illustrate the greatness of this song. In the book of Ecclesiastes several times the phrase “vanity of vanities” is mentioned. This is reference to the vanity of the world. There is no vanity like the vanity of this world.

In Israel there was a place behind the veil in the temple referred to as the “holy of holies.” There was no place quite as holy as that place.

In the book of Revelation, Jesus is called the “King of kings” and the “Lord of lords.” There is no king; no lord like Jesus is king and lord. Even so there is no song quite as great as Solomon’s song.

This small book, or song, is one of the most neglected books in the entire bible. Some claim that this book is too hard to understand, and some go as far as to say it does not belong in the canyon of the scriptures.

I will say this. This book is not for the carnally minded. This book can certainly be misunderstood, and mistreated if not properly understood.

There are many different reasons that this book is so neglected. Let me mention the three main reasons given for avoiding the Song of Solomon:

It is difficult to know who is talking.” In one verse the bridegroom will speak and in the next the bride will speak using almost the same words. Because this book is a little difficult to follow most simply avoid it altogether. 

This book isn’t like one of the epistles of Paul. Paul wrote in letter form. He began with a greeting, moved from point to point and closed. Because of this difficulty most will not even attempt to study this short book. 

I would like to point out that it is not as important whether Solomon or the Shulamite is talking. The important thing is that God is speaking to us through His word. God has given us a wonderful treasure, and those that avoid it are missing out on the blessings of God.

This book is too intimate.” The fact is that this is a record of two people who are madly in love with each other. They do the things an in love married couple does. Some of the things mentioned here could be embarrassing for some to read in a mixed congregation. In fact years ago the Jews would not allow their young men to read this book before the age of 13. 

I would like to say that ALL scriptures are given by inspiration of God. Surely you do not think that God would allow something inappropriate in His word. The truth is that we watch things on television that are far more graphic than the words recorded in this book. God speaks in terms that we can understand. This book upholds the beauty of a loving marriage. It is also a wonderful picture of Christ and his church. God would not allow anything in the scriptures that would be inappropriate for us to read.

I don’t understand the illustrations.” Some of the illustrations used in this book are a little different that the ones we use today. For example in chapter two the bride says to Solomon, “Stay with me flagons.” What in the world are “flagons?” A flagon is sweet cake. She is basically saying that Solomon was something sweet and she didn’t want to run out. In chapter four Solomon tells her that her hair is like a flock of goats and her neck is like a tower. A little study will reveal the meaning of these verses, and we will soon understand the beauty of these words.

Instead of avoiding this book God intends for us to embrace, and learn from this story. This book sets for 4 wonderful principals.

The love between a husband and a wife. Today society knows a lot about sex, but very little about love. Our school teaches our children how to have safe sex, but not how to wait until they have married the one they love. The Song of Solomon will teach us about true love.

I believe that each of us can learn from the examples in this book. Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking we have a perfect marriage or relationship. I will be honest in saying that I struggled in studying this book. God impressed some things upon my heart. With an open mind and heart maybe we can learn from this couple.

The love between Jehovah and Israel. This is a principal found many times in the Old Testament. And it is pictured for us here in this book.

The love between Christ and His church. This book reminds me of Ephesians 5 which teaches us the same principal in a compact form. While I do not believe a person should attempt to find hidden meaning in these verses (which many do). I do believe however that we see a type in these scriptures of the love between Christ and his bride the church. This is something we will be paying a lot of attention to over the next several weeks.

The love between Christ and individuals. Christ not only wants to have a relationship with the church, He wants a relationship with you. Let us never lose sight of the fact that the church is made up of individual believers. It was not a collective group that Christ died for, but a bunch of individuals. God wants you. He loves you. He wants a relationship with you.

Over the next several weeks we will go through this short book. With the help of God, and an open heart we will learn how to better love our Savior. We will also learn how to better love our spouse.

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