Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Day of Prayer

As most of you already know today is the day that our nation has set aside as a day to pray. While I believe that everyday should be a day of prayer, it is wonderful that we set aside a day to remind us of the need to pray.  I can’t help wonder how our nation, our world, or even our homes would be different if we pledged to make every day one of prayer.
I thought I would take just a second and share my prayer with you today.

“Lord, I’m so thankful today. I have been blessed beyond what I deserve. You have blessed me with a wonderful home, with health and with happiness. Most of all you have blessed me with the privilege of knowing you as my savior. I’m so glad that on February the 23, 1993 you saved a 14 year old kid who was on his way to hell. From that point I have never been alone. You have me your Spirit who lead, guides, and comforts me every day.

Today I pray for my family. I love my wife and two girls. I’m glad that you placed them into my life, and could not imagine my life without them. Bless them today, give them protection and happiness. Please bless mine and my wife’s family, my church family, my pastor and his wife.

I pray for those that we love who are suffering today. I pray for those who have sickness, heartache and suffering. I pray for those who are sick in sin. I have family that is lost. I lift them up to you today pleading for their soul. Lord please don’t let any of my family die lost. I pray for that small group of people who I am privileged to minister to. I pray for my Sunday school class, the children I minister to at church and for the one who is reading this blog.

I ask your protection over our country. America is not what she once was. We have allowed too many distractions to come into our lives that have caused us to take our eyes off of you. Please send revival to our country once again. Let it begin with the local church and move throughout our communities, our states and our nation.

God you are good, your mercy is great and your truth endures through all generations. You are worth our love and praise.

In Jesus name, Amen.”

That is my prayer today. What is yours? Have you prayed today? Let me finish by saying that if it has been awhile since you last prayed, today would be a good day to fix that problem.

Your friend in Christ,
Joshua Sharp

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  1. very beautiful thanks for sharing. my prayer is precisely for another day of LIFE.