Saturday, March 5, 2011

How BIG are you?

I read something this week that really caught my attention. Someone said that “you can determine the size of a man by the size of what troubles him.” Wow, that is pretty strong. So, I’ve been thinking of what kind of man I am. As I thought about this I wasn’t as happy with the answer as I would like to be.

Too many times I am guilty of letting little things bother me. Things that I should just let go, I let get to me. Things that really don’t matter, sometime matter. I’ve never thought of myself as a little man, but sometimes it is good to examine your life and notice where you can use work. It is very easy to point out the flaws in someone else, but it’s a little more difficult to see them in ourselves.

Jesus is our great example of what a man should be. If you study His life you can see many times when He was bothered. He was bothered when people doubted His miracles. He was bothered when the house of God was turned into a house of merchandise. He was bothered when His disciples would not allow children to come to Him. He was bothered when those who heard his teaching refused to accept the things that He taught. These things were very important to Him.

Just as there were things that bothered Him, there were things that didn’t. Jesus taught that if a person was to smite you on the cheek you should turn the other one to him. He taught that if a brother sued you for your shirt you should give him your coat also. Jesus even stood before Pilot as false accusations where made against Him, without being bothered. Could I do this? Could you stand by while people talked badly about you, knowing what they were saying was not true? Jesus did. He knew the truth and that was enough for Him.

So, this brings us to the question. Does it really matter if someone cuts you off while you are driving? Should it matter if the kids make a little mess? They are kids after all, not adults. Why should you care if someone doesn’t like the clothes you wear, food you eat, or the way you talk? There are so many other things to be worried about. You have family members that could die and go to hell. You have a life to live. You have a family to love. Who cares about all that other stuff? I would hate to think that my life was wasted on worries and regrets.

What bothers you? How big of a person are you? Would others consider you a person who enjoys life? Or are you the person that cannot live life because you are constantly bothered about something. One of my Great Aunts gave me and my wife some advise just before our first child was born. She said “don’t sweat the small stuff.” (Thanks Aunt Faye.) I haven’t forgotten, but I wish I would have taken that advice more than I have.

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